Utilities (water, gas, electricity) sector

Corporate, Association and Higher Education Mentoring Programs for Utility Providers

Utilities are essential services with exciting technological advancements but also an ageing workforce with unique mentoring needs.

Whether you are in the water supply, nuclear, hydroelectric, coal, diesel, geothermal, gas, solar, wind or tidal power plant business, mentoring programs can help your organization share knowledge across the organization and beyond.

1. Corporate mentoring programs
* Connecting new staff with more experienced staff to help them grow
* Engaging corporate alumni networks to support current employees
* Complement corporate university or college recruiting by matching each intern with a mentor from the company. This will enrich the intern’s experience and lead to more interns choosing full-time employment with your company after graduation.

2. Industry associations
* Connect new members with more experienced professionals in their field
* Support diversity and inclusion in the energy sector

3. Higher education & trade skills
* Connect graduating students with industry to get a better idea of what it is like working in specific roles and areas in the energy field.

If you are looking to start or improve your mentoring programs MentorEase can help you automate the matching process, activities and reports.

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