MentorEase Culture is Jargon Free!

Except for ALO’s, RP’s and P’s & Q’s!

Our culture at MentorEase is be approachable but professional and to deliver our software and program in a friendly and customer-centric manner.  We also pride ourselves in being as jargon free as possible, in the jargonized world we all seem to live in. Managing a Mentoring program should be as simple and hassle free. The less jargon the better!

Saying this, we do have some of our own jargon that we use, which we consider core to our Mentoring philosophy.  It’s a good idea for all stakeholders and participants in a mentoring program to be aware of and acknowledge.

ALO's, RP's and P's & Q's!

ALO's - Actionable Learning Outcomes

Simple things Mentees (and Mentors) have learned and absorbed from their mentee-mentor relationship, that they can apply in their lives and workplace.

RP's - Reminder Prompts

Automated emails and texts (SMS) to ensure Mentees and Mentors hold up their side of the relationship and follow through on their action plans.

P's & Q's - Mind your P's and Q's

Mentors and Mentees are giving their time to help each other, so both sides need to remember that being polite and respectful is of utmost importance. We all need to remember to mind our P’s & Q’s! Such things include responding to emails and texts in a timely fashion, preparing in advance for calls and meetings, reporting back to the program administrator and more. Read about this >>

Code of Conduct

When entering into a mentoring relationship both participants need to agree to a code of conduct. These can be tailored for your specific mentoring program. You can see an example here >>

... and also the KISS Principle - "Keep It Simple Stupid"

This principle noted by the US Navy in 1960 we consider to be another core design element to any good mentoring program. Read about this >>