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Corporate mentoring programs can help your organization with:


1. Recruiting

1.1. Intern Mentoring
Complement your annual university or college recruiting by matching each intern with a mentor from the company. This will enrich the intern’s experience and lead to more interns choosing full-time employment with your company after graduation.

1.2. New Staff Mentoring
Match new staff with more experienced employees to help them get acquinted with the company procedures, make friends and join the company culture.

2. Growth

2.1. Training Programs
Complement your existing training programs (seminars and events) with a mentoring initiative to expand the reach of specific training on a voluntary basis. Connect topic experts with junior staff to help them learn key aspects faster and getting quick answers to questions along their way.

2.2. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Support your company’s interest groups with mentoring programs that can be easily managed. Matching can be personalized based on demographics or other interests.  Programs can have sessions with a start and end dates or run on an on-going basis.

3. Leadership

3.1. Change Management
From company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions (integrating teams), reconnecting after maternity leave or onboarding new management, a mentoring program can help bring people together to smooth out the process.

3.2. Succession Planning
Help transfer knowledge across the generations as senior staff approach reirement. Match high potential employees (HiPos) with mentors to transfer and document essential knowledge across the company.

4. Network

4.1. Alumni Networks
Engaging corporate alumni networks to support current employees. Often companies have many retired employees who would be happy to meet with current or new employees to share their experiences in the field in general.

Corporate mentoring programs and help with employee retention and increase an emotional attachment to the company.

If you are a company looking to start or improve your mentoring programs MentorEase can help you automate the matching process.

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12 Ways Mentoring Can Help Your Organization


MentorEase supports mentoring programs for:
* Talent Development
* Learning & Development
* Diversity & Inclusion
* Employee Engagement
* Intern Engagement
* HR Transformation
* Employee Relations
* People & Culture
* Change Management


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