Senior Management Team

Experienced Mentors, Mentees and Web Developers in Toronto, Canada, with a global perspective


Gil Katz
VP of Operations
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“Knowledge transfer is becoming more of an agenda item across associations, universities and corporations large and small. MentorEase is designed to ensure businesses are primed for future growth and development in an ever digital world.”

Gil was a mentee at several mentoring programs and later mentored graduating students at the University of Toronto’s Math Mentorship Program for several years. Now a Futurpreneur Canada mentor. Gil also serves on the boards of Off Centre Music Salon and Theatre Ontario.


Eyal Katz
Chief Technology Officer

“Technology today lends itself to fostering global real world mentorships using the tools we see in online communication and social media. Our goal is to help help facilitate meaningful connections for career and personal growth.”

Eyal is a full-stack developer, technical project manager and team lead working with the most common web tools and platforms. He has over 20 years experience building web infrastructure across many verticals. Eyal also serves on the boards of Off Centre Music Salon and Theatre Ontario.


Simon Raybould
VP of Sales

“We wanted to create an affordable, simple to use software and program for administrators, helping them to facilitate real actionable outcomes for mentees (and mentors) to actually apply in their day-to-day work and lives”

As a veteran sales person, Simon has mentored sales teams in the UK and Canada and is also founder of Memorial Matters, an online memorials platform used by families around the world to celebrate loved ones lives.  Simon coaches his son’s baseball and soccer teams in Toronto.


General Bernard Montgomery (Monty)
VP of Client Therapy

“As a trained therapy dog I know how important it is to be there when somebody needs you, both in a friendship and professional context. It also helps if there are snacks available”

As a F1 mini golden doodle, bred for therapy, Monty is client facing and available for meetings and walks in the park. He can be found most days in the office crunching through paperwork.


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