NEW! Watercooler Mentoring

Move random company connections online!

Help employees increase their reach and grow their network within your organization!

As more people work remotely, alongside current social distancing practices, there is a reduction of opportunities to build informal relationships within companies – meeting random colleagues in the hallway, cafeteria and so on. To bring the ability to meet random but relevant people online or in person, a virtual Watercooler Mentoring program can help! It’s great for organizations that have multiple offices regionally, nationally or globally.

The mentoring program randomly connects staff with others who have a high percentage ‘match score’ (have similar professional interests or hobbies and at different experience or skill levels).

Benefits include:
* Match people throughout the organization for informal mentoring
* Allows employees to learn about other business areas other than their own
* Provide an easy way to connect and build strong internal relationships
* Grow a stronger, healthier organizational culture
* Helps corporate information move along the ‘grapevine’
* Can help to clarify management messages
* Helps grow a mentoring culture
* Cost effective


Find out how Watercooler Mentoring can help your organization today!