MentorEase for Attorney Development and Retention

Software to launch and manage your Law Firm’s mentoring program

Effective Attorney Mentoring for your Firm

An attorney development mentoring program will help your law firm by connecting new associates with seasoned lawyers for professional development and topic-related advice.

Benefits of a Law Firm mentoring program include:

Ensuring a successful integration of new associates into the Firm
Helping attorneys develop knowledge, expertise, abilities and skills
Providing background information regarding your organizations politics and broader visions
One-on-one support benefits mentees
Allowing an attorney to have an advocate with a larger voice within the Firm
Mentors can act as a sounding board for career and case advice

Useful features:
* Track partner mentoring against billable hours with summary reports
* Auto Certificates with your Firm’s branding see example>>
* Motivational Badges see examples>>
* Auto Testimonials from senior partners included in the program
* Include alumni attorneys outside your Firm (cross Firm mentoring)


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