COFFEE CHAT Mentoring (FLASH Mentoring)

Quick connect with mentors to answer mentee questions and discuss a specific topic of interest

COFFEE CHAT Mentoring!

Sometimes a full mentoring program is not necessary or mentors are unable to commit to a full program. This is where COFFEE CHAT mentoring comes in – also known as FLASH mentoring.

The program can be set up for short-term one-off mentoring sessions that deliver specific learning objectives.

Benefits include:
* Can be run by itself or in parallel to an on-going mentoring program
* Can increase mentor numbers as less commitment and time required
* Easier for the program administrator to manage
* Mentors are able to help more mentees faster
* Calls are virtual or question-based
* Mentees can get answers to various types of questions and connect with multiple mentors
* Helps grow a mentee’s network
* Cost effective and highly effective


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