MentorEase for Universities & Colleges

Connecting students and alumni in mentoring programs

Educational institutions benefit from several types of mentoring programs:

1. Graduating Students + Alumni
* Connecting student before they graduate with experienced alumni

2. New Students + Existing Students
* Introduce new students with a current student to help get settled (buddy system)

3. New Staff + Senior Staff
* Help new staff get settled into the job

We work with college and university career centres and student guilds on the mentor matching side of mentoring programs.

If you are running or starting a large-scale mentoring program contact us to learn how we can help.

From about 30 mentors and mentees the matching effort becomes a lot of work – that’s where MentorEase can help you save time and effort. MentorEase supports full university capacity, 1000-5000 users and more.


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