MentorEase for Events & Conferences

Easily match attendees for speed mentoring sessions

Add Value to Attendees with Mentoring

A speed mentoring program will add value to your event by enabling attendees to connect with each other based on specific interests for formal mentoring sessions.

Benefits of an Event Mentoring Program include:

Offering an exciting opportunity for attendees
Leveraging the power of your attendees to support each other
* Using custom registration forms, match based on very specific interests

* It provides a structured way for participants to break the ice and connect

Having a good mentoring session can results in higher satisfaction and testimonials

Useful features:
* Custom event mentoring landing page (that looks like your event site)
* Custom registration forms – key questions unique to your audience’s interest
* Self-matching – mentees select from a short list of the top matches for them
* Admin matching – you can collect registrations and using a simple interface identify the best match for each one and easily match them
* Participant accounts – for communication and taking notes at meetings
* We can also integrate the system with other tools you may use. For example, connect with the EventMobi API so attendees can be auto-registered using their existing accounts
* Download usage reports (can be customized as needed)


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