June 5, 2019

Toronto, Ontario | MentorEase, a leading Mentor-Mentee Matching Platform will participate in the 2019 Canadian Export Challenge (CXC) on June, 6, 2019. CXC is a 1-day global accelerator and pitch competition tour presented by Startup Canada, in collaboration with UPS, Export Development Canada, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

As a member of the Global Entrepreneur Cohort, MentorEase will pitch to win $2,500 and for entry to the CXC’s final showdown, where they will face-off against representatives from across Canada to win an additional $25,000 and up to $100,000 in in-kind scaling support.

“We have been working with clients in Canada and Australia and looking to expand further. The platform helps mentoring program administrators match thousands of students and alumni at ease. Our single sign-on integration with CareerHub positions us to easily work with universities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa and the South Pacific” – Gil Katz, Director of Operations, MentorEase

“As the most connected G7 country with the greatest ease of doing business, Canadian entrepreneurs have a global advantage out of the starting gate,” said Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder, and President of Startup Canada. We are thrilled to see companies like MentorEase in the Global Entrepreneur Cohort and we aim to provide them with an increase in export-readiness, accelerated access to global markets, and support to ‘own the podium’ globally.”

MentorEase was founded in 2018 in Toronto by digital agency Giant Step. The platform saves Mentoring Program Administrators time and effort by Automating the Mentor-Mentee Matching Process. Initially called Menteer, an open-source tool, but as market demand grew for customized implementations, features were updated and reformulated as MentorEase. The platform is used by an array of organisations, including industry associations, colleges and universities. Currently expanding to Mentoring Programs at Global Corporations, connecting staff across regional divisions.

For more information from Startup Canada please contact:
Maddie Stiles
Media Relations
613-627-0787 ext. 105

For more information from MentorEase please contact:
Gil Katz
Director of Operations

About the Canadian Export Challenge
The Canadian Export Challenge is a Startup Canada Program in collaboration with UPS, Export Development Canada and the Trade Commissioner Service to support entrepreneurs to become export-ready, connect with the trade and global growth ecosystem, and to gain global exposure through a series of 1-day accelerator events, digital programs, pitch competitions, and an online community. Learn more at

About Startup Canada
Startup Canada is Canada’s entrepreneurship organization. Startup Canada promotes and supports the success and growth of Canada’s 2.3 million entrepreneurs, with a mandate to foster economic growth, competitiveness, and prosperity through entrepreneurship. Since launching, Startup Canada’s programming has directly supported more than 200,000 entrepreneurs and 50 grassroots Startup Community organizations. Working with over 750 ecosystem partners, including accelerators, incubators, research parks, educational institutions, economic development agencies, associations, and government programs, Startup Canada serves entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, industries, and stages of development, with a network reflective of Canada’s diverse population. Learn more at

About MentorEase
MentorEase is a Software Platform for Mentoring Programs used by Administrators at Educational Institutions, Industry Associations and Corporate HR. As mentoring programs grow at organizations worldwide MentorEase helps by automating the mentor-mentee matching process in a customized, integrated and branded solution. The platform is used by nearly 10 organizations throughout Canada and Australia. Learn more at