MentorEase for Consumer Brands

Leverage your associates to improve customer success and loyalty

Match customers with associates to help maximize results

Does your brand require advise to use properly for best results? If so then it could benefit from matching customers with knowledgeable associates or affiliates for a few support calls to help them achieve best results.

Benefits of a Customer Success mentoring program include:
Ensuring customer use your products properly for best results
Improve customer experience and success
* Increase brand loyalty

* Turn customers into advocates for your brand

How it works:
* Invite your customers to sign up for the program
* Match customers with your associates / affiliates / influencers
* Self-matching, admin matching or automated matching
* Custom matching algorithm for the best fit matches
* They schedule calls on the platform (recorded for compliance)
* Auto-sends customer satisfaction surveys
* Invite happy customers to post reviews

Find out how Customer Success Mentoring can help your Brand today!